Penciled ideas, sometimes with splashes with color.


Lineart and cel shaded art


Paintovers, grayscale to color, matte painting. That sort of thing.



Storyboarding, animatics, finished animated examples

Zee Turner likes speaking in third person when it comes to online introductions formatted as such.

Even since before art college, Zee spent her time conjuring up characters and prompts in the realm of cyberpunk, punk, grunge, Harajuku, digital futuristic, dystopian and whimsical.

She does best with character and conceptual designs, but gives those seeking logo designs and graphic work a piece of mind as well!

Zee also loves fighting games and food as if her life depended on them.

And believe me, they both do.

What's your question?

My sosh meds to keep up with current goings on: